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The Perfect British Accent

In this blog post I’m going to look at the different regional accents of the UK. Lot’s of people who want English classes always want to get their accent right, but how can you get the perfect British accent when there are so many.

My accent is from the southwest of England, but isn’t very strong. It’s a very rural accent and is normally related to dairy farmers and sailors. If you hear a strong Devonshire or Cornish accent you might think that you’re talking to a pirate.

On the other side of the country in, the southeast, you’re going to hear the most famous accents, such as the typical posh sound of the queen, the accent from Essex (made famous by the tv show “The Only Way Is Essex”) and of course, the Cockney accent of east London, which we’re going to take a closer look at later.

In the North of England you have a variety of accents, and usually they’re the hardest to understand. These accents are Scouse (from Liverpool) Geordie (from Newcastle) Yorkshire (Leeds, Sheffield) and Mancunian (Manchester)

North of the border you have the Scottish accent, the hardest of the Scottish accents to understand is the Glaswegian accent, but lot’s of people struggle to understand any Scottish accent. To the west of England you have Wales, the accent there is also quite rural but quite easy to understand, you also have the Irish accent across the Irish sea, which is also difficult to understand, the further south you go the stronger the accent becomes.

To round up then, I would say that unless you have an advanced level (C1 or above) just focus on your fluency and pronunciation of single words. Once you have a high level of fluency, I would recommend living in a city with whichever accent you would like to develop for maybe a year or two. Once you have done this you will have the perfect British accent. I’m going to leave you with with an article from “english blog” which has a video of how to learn the Cockney accent.

Video: Learn the Cockney Accent with Jason Statham

If you're familiar with the movies of Jason Statham (notably the 'Transporter' series), you know what a Cockney accent sounds like. So why not watch this video to learn about the various features of the Cockney accent, and even take a little test at the end!
OK, I'm guessing you realized it's not really Jason Statham, but I reckon he does a pretty good impression. The video was created by Aly Williams and Tom Turner who run thePapa Teach Me website. You can find more of their videos on their YouTube Channel, where they have a playlist devoted to the British accent among other things.

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