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    Hi everybody! This is Sandra! I’d like to tell you something interesting (I hope) about me, so I’ll write something about my hobby: painting! Well, I’ve been painting since I was 12 years old. It’s a long story, but my best friend at school, Roxana, went to an art academy and she told me lots of things about it, so I wanted to try it. When I started a course, I met Pablo, who was my friend Yolanda’s neighbour and we liked each other a lot and we became very close friends. We’ve been painting together for many years and we’ve had wonderful moments together. Some months ago we decided to create a blog to write about art to show our works to the people and we had a great success, so we created a Twitter account and a Facebook account. Thanks to this, we knew about a bar where we could run an exhibition for free and we ran it last December. We didn’t sell any pictures, but we received two phonecalls and we have been offered two exibitions more. We’re running the first one next month in Alcorcón and we’re so exited!! Here you can see some of our pictures!
      Hanging one of my pictures!

Pablo and me when we opened the exhibition J

 One of Pablo’s pictures

This is Pablo drawing

   This is me painting my lattest picture!

    This one is called “Your new life starts today”. By me!

   This is “Bath wearing a party dress”.

      “Cristal ballerina”

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  1. It´s amazing be part of this project with you, i couldn´t do it with anybody else!, I´m quite sure someday (no too long) we´ll be famous