viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

Sabéis que en la Ivema Enseñanza y en Aula mobius tenemos numerosos profesores nativos de inglés,  si ademas de Christina Byler también contamos con otros grandes docentes, hoy la entrada la firma Anna, nuestra profesora de ingles para los mas peques y nos propone el siguiente juego para practicar vocabulario.

"I find that Playing guess who with my kids is a good way to start the class so they may practice their listening and day to day adjectives.

This game consists on showing various photos of different people and animals, each with their own characteristic and describing them. Then the pupil must guess who we are talking about and repeat the same procedure with their classmate or myself.

This is a fun game which helps them expand their vocabulary and encourages them to interact in the class. "

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