viernes, 14 de junio de 2013



The Empire State Building is a skyscraper located in New York. You can find it between the 5th Avenue with West 34th Street in the midtown. Its height is 381 meters, but if we included the antenna is 443 meters. It has 102 floors and 73 elevators.

The construction started in 1929, in the same year that the stock exchanges’s crash. It was designed by William F. Land of the firm Lamb and Harmon. It was completed in 1931 with a cost around of 40 million dollars.

The Empire State Building is the most famous skyscraper of Ney York, with a million of visitors every year. You can go up for $20 until the top to enjoy the New Yorker skyline, the Central Park and the downtown. Currently, there are a lot of companies settled of the States in this building. After the terrorist attack of the 9/11 the Empire State Building become the highest building in New York, because the World Trade Center with their two twin buildings had a height of 562 meters. In the same place where the Twin Towers were, there is a new Memorial Building with the height of 541 meters, one of the world’s roofs.

The Empire State had its most special moment with the film “King Kong” (1933) where the huge monkey climbed up with a woman until the top of the building, while a several helicopters are trying to stop it.

Finally, I had the opportunity to visit this building which is a part of the economic history of the United States, and I have to say it is the most beautiful building that I have ever seen.

By: Jorge Juan Inglés

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